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Organizing Committee:

Ken Brown (Cornell University)
Lizhen Ji
(Michigan University)
Kefeng Liu (UCLA&Zhejiang University)
Wolfgang Lueck (Muenster University)
Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard&Zhejiang University)


Local Organizers:

Fang Li
(Zhejiang University)
Hongwei Xu (Zhejiang University)



July 1-12, 2007


Cohomology of groups is a fundamental tool in many subjects in modern mathematics. One important generalized cohomology theory is the algebraic K-theory. Indeed, algebraic K-groups of rings are important invariants of the rings and have played important roles in algebra, topology, number theory etc.

In this summer school, several leading experts will give introductions to and surveys of many aspects of cohomology of groups and algebraic K-theory and their broad applications.


Confirmed speakers of lecture series:

Peter Abramenko, Virginia, USA
Ken Brown, Cornell, USA
Tom Farrell, Binghamton, USA
Dan Grayson, Illinois, USA
Wolfgang Lueck, Munster, Germany
Christophe Soul¨¦, Paris, France

Speakers of research talks: Arthur Bartels, Max Karoubi, Zongzhu Lin,Kefeng Liu, Hourong Qin,David Rosenthal, Guoping Tang,Marco Varisco.

This summer school is sponsored by
CMS, Zhejiang University
Higher Education Press


If you have any question or need any help, please contact Prof.Fang Li(fangli@cms.zju.edu.cn).Thank you for your valuble help and support!
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