How to Get to The Center of Mathematical Sciences at Zhejiang University


Hangzhou Walks
All directions are from the Ling Feng Shan Zhuang hotel. Times are for walking rapidly with no stops.

1. Botanical Gardens
Turn left from the hotel (onto Yugu road). After a few minutes you will come to a prominent bus stop. Just before the bus stop, there’s an entrance on the left to the Bamboo Gardens.  Just after the bus stop, you can cross the road to an entrance to the main gardens (costs 10 yuan between 6:30am and 5pm). It is also possible to get to the main Gardens from the University by continuing south past CMS (Center for the Mathematical Sciences) through a gate, through an alley way, and right onto a narrow street to the Gardens. To walk back to the hotel from CMS through the Gardens, follow the main path in the Gardens to a small lake on the left of the path, and take a path left.

2. The ridge behind the University
From the main entrance to the University, head towards the hill passing to the right of the Mao statue and the library. Go through a gate and up a good path to the ridge.
There are also two paths to the ridge from the Botanical Gardens. One goes from “Admiring Plum Blossoms at Ling Feng”, and the other, which is further left (south), passes through a green arch from the gardens --- to get to it walk roughly in the direction of Northern Peak (the one with the communication tower on top).
Once on the ridge above the University, you can go left and come down one of the paths to the Botanical Gardens (they are marked by unpainted wooden arches); or you can go all the way to Northern Peak and back, or drop down a path from the top of Northern Peak to the Lingyin Temple; or you can go right to reach peaks overlooking the city. If you go all the way right, you eventually come down to a grungy road. Follow it keeping right back to the campus.
(Up from the University and down through the Botanical Gardens takes about 1 hour; round trip to Northern Peak takes about 2 hours.)

3. West Lake
To get to West Lake, follow Yugu road left from the hotel (better, go through the Bamboo Garden). At the big intersection with Shuguang road, cross to the diagonally opposite corner, continue along the road a little way, and then through the gardens to the lake (the entrance is opposite the KFC).  Cross the long Su  causeway, and return the same way, or come back right around the lake (unfortunately there is a large closed area on the lake --- Hangzhou guest house --- which forces you to follow the road for most of the way). Alternatively, come back left around the lake. (Crossing the causeway and returning right takes about 2 hours.)

It is also worthwhile taking a boat trip across the lake, or to one of the islands. [There are many places where you can hire someone to row you, but at the northeast corner (top of the city side) of the lake  it is possible to rent boats for 4-6 people that you paddle yourself.]

4. Lingyin Temple (Temple of the Soul’s Retreat)
Dates from 326AD, but has been destroyed and rebuilt 16 times. Definitely worth seeing. Get there by following Yugu road left from the hotel and then right onto Lingyin road, which is followed to the temple. Alternatively, it is possible to go through the Botanical gardens, or via Northern Peak. Entry to the grounds is 30 yuan and to the temple itself is another 30 yuan. It is not possible to enter the temple itself (only the grounds) after about 4pm. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the Temple along Lingyin road and about 80 minutes via Northern Peak.

5. Ridge on the northwest side of  West Lake.
Follow Yugu road left from the hotel (better, go through the Bamboo Garden), crossing Shuguang road, until you get to the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Turn left at the KFC onto a narrow road (Xixialing) and follow it until there is a good path climbing steeply up a wooded hill on your right. Follow the path and then along the ridge to the high point (Geling Peak) with a small pagoda (beautiful views of the lake; best in the early morning). Return the same way (65 minutes roundtrip), or continue along the ridge to the tall slim (Bao Chu) pagoda (interesting rock scrambling for those so inclined) and down to the lake. Return across the Baidi causeway traversing the hill on the small island (100 minutes round trip).

About 50m before reaching the KFC you can also climb a small dirt trail on the left which takes you to good views on a different ridge and past grottos and eventually returns to Shuguang road.

 6. Yuhuangshan. This is the hill at the south side of the lake with the road marked up it. Bike over, and walk up the hill (good views etc.). You are not allowed to bike up the hill. About 2 hours.

7. The tea excursion. Bike to the Tea Museum along Lingyin and Longjing roads (or walk or take a taxi). After viewing the museum, go up a good stepped path through the tea fields to the ridge behind (it is not marked on the museum map, but would be at upper right). Follow the path along the ridge until you reach a major intersection; then follow the path marked with a teapot through tea fields down to the Dragon Well village. View the dragon at the bottom of the well, and then walk back down Longjing road (or take shortcuts on trails) to the Tea Museum. Bike back to the hotel. Total time is about 25 minutes biking and 75 minutes walking (plus viewing time).
8. Six Harmonies Pagoda: Take a taxi to the Six Harmonies Pagoda, and walk back across the hills.

9. The Long Loop: This follows the ridge behind the university past Northern Peak, and then makes a long loop along ridges to arrive back near West Lake. Reach the ridge behind University; left to Northern Peak; continue to the next (higher) peak on a good path, and then on a dirt trail; climb through hole in barbed wire fence and continue next to the fence to the top of small peak; climb back through the fence and descend a steep trail to a saddle (2hrs). Here you can bail out down a good trail to Lingyin road, or you can continue up a steep dirt trail on the other side of the saddle. Continue over a small peak (ignoring a trail that descends left) along the ridge until it hits another. Here the main trail curves right but you turn left onto a small trail along the new ridge. Follow this trail to the top of the peak with communication towers, where you take the left hand path, which leads you to the main trail above Longjing Village.  Follow it left staying on the ridge to come out at the Tea Museum (4hrs). Walk back to the hotel along Longjing and Lingyin roads (4:40).

10. Tian Mu Mountain: A 1200m climb through a beautiful forest. It takes about 2 hours to reach the bottom by road from Hangzhou, and 2-3 hours to climb to the top. On the way down make sure to have lunch at the excellent restaurant (full day).

11. Other places to visit.
· Hangzhou has reconstructed one block of Hefang Street as it was centuries ago (not far from the city side of West Lake) as a tourist attraction (not particularly interesting).
· Zhejiang Provincial Museum and nearby sights on the large island near the start of the Baide causeway.
· There is a large tourist area with pagodas etc. at the far end of the Su causeway.

Maps: You can buy maps at most kiosks that show the major trails (not entirely accurate). There is also a tourist map with some names in English that doesn’t show the trails.
Weekends: On the weekends, all the popular places are crowded with tourists from Shanghai, so it is best to view the sights during the week and head to the hills at the weekend.

J.S. Milne, April 2005.