__________In memory of Professor S. S. Chern's 100th birthday
August 15-18, 2011

The Center of Mathematical Sciences(CMS) at Zhejiang University, the Morningside Center of Mathematics (MCM), Chinese Academy of Sciences and the School of Mathematical Sciences at Capital Normal University are organizing an "International Conference on Differential Geometry". The conference will be held at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Capital Normal University, Beijing, during the period of August 15-18, 2011.

Scientific Committee:
Shing-Tung Yau(Chairman), Harvard University
Shiu-Yuen Cheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jiaxing Hong, Fudan University
Jun Li, Stanford
Kefeng Liu, UCLA and Zhejiang University 
Lo Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Weiping Zhang, Nankai University

Organizing Committee£º
Kefeng Liu(Chairman), UCLA and Zhejiang University
Fuquan Fang, Capital Normal Uinversity
Sen Hu, University of Science and Technology of China
Haizhong Li, Tsinghua Uinversity
Qingzhong Li, Capital Normal Uinversity
Zizhou Tang, Beijing Normal University
Yuefei Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hongwei Xu, Zhejiang Uinversity
Weiping Zhang, Nankai University
Fangyang Zheng, Ohio State University and Zhejiang Uinversity
Xiangyu Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Plenary Speakers:
Ben Andrews, Australian National University
Huai-Dong Cao, Lehigh University
Fuquan Fang, Capital Normal Uinversity 
Jixiang Fu, Fudan University 
Kefeng Liu, UCLA and Zhejiang University
Ngaiming Mok, The University of Hong Kong 
Xiaochun Rong, Rutgers University 
Mu-Tao Wang, Columbia, New York 
Xujia Wang, Australian National University
Hongwei Xu, Zhejiang Uinversity
Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard University
Steve Zelditch, Johns Hopkins University
Weiping Zhang, Nankai University
Fangyang Zheng, Ohio State University and Zhejiang Uinversity
Xiping Zhu, Zhongshan Universit

Please Contact : Qingyou Sun (Email:qysun@cms.zju.edu.cn ;Tel:0571-87953070-8214)

The Venue:

School of Mathematical Sciences at Capital Normal University