First International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians


Gold Medalists

Chang-Shou Lin

Professor Lin was awarded the 1998 Morningside Gold Medal for his research work on locating isometric embedding problems, scalar curvature equations and semi-linear elliptic equations.Currently, Professor Lin is a Professor of Mathematics at the National Chung Cheng University and Director of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences.He received a Ph.D from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University.

Shouwu Zhang

Professor Zhang was awarded the 1998 Morningside Gold Medal for his contributions to number theory and arithmetical algebraic geometry.His achievements include the connexions between L-functions and arithmetic via the Gross-Zagier formula, the Galois distribution of points on abelian varieties, and pure Arakelov geometry.Currently, Professor Zhang is a Professor of Mathematics at Columbia University.He received a Ph.D from Columbia University (1991).

Silver Medalists

Raymond Chan

Professor Chan was awarded the 1998 Morningside Silver Medal for his work in computational mathematics.Currently, Professor Chan is a Professor of Mathematics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.He received a Ph.D in applied mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (1985).

Chong-Qing Cheng

Professor Cheng was awarded the 1998 Morningside Silver Medal for his contributions in the areas of dynamical systems and Hamiltonian dynamics.He is recognized for his work on problems related to Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) theory.Currently, Professor Cheng is a Professor of Mathematics at Nanjing University.

Kefeng Liu

Professor Liu was awarded the 1998 Morningside Silver Medal for his achievements in topology, geometry, and mathematical physics.Currently, Professor Liu is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received a Ph.D from Harvard University (1993).

Tong Yang

Professor Yang was awarded the 1998 Morningside Silver Medal for his contributions to the fundamental well-posedness problem for general systems of hyperbolic conservation laws.Currently, Professor Yang is a Professor of Mathematics at the City University of Hong Kong.He received a Ph.D from the University of California, Davis.



Honorary chairman
Shiing-shen Chein,University of California,Berkerley
Buqin Su,Fudan University

Executive Committee
Ching-Li Chai, University of Pennsylvania
Ben Chou, University of Minnesota
Shui-Nee Chou, Georgia Institute of Technology & National University of Singapore
Fan Chung Graharn, University of Pensylvania
Gu Chaohao, Fudan University
Ka-Sing Lau, Chinese University of Hongkong
Peter Li, University of California, Irvine
Lin Song Sun,National Chiao Tung University
Gang Tian, Massachunsettes Institute of Technology
Yang Lo,Morningside Center of Mathematics
Shing-Tung Yau(Chaiman),Harvard University

Scientific Committee
Tony Chan, University of California Los Angeles
Shiu-Yuen Cheng,Hong kong University of Science and Technology
Charles Chui,Texas A&M University
Ming-Chang Kang, National Taiwan University
Ngaiming Mok, University of Hong Kong
Duong H.Phong, Columbia University
Jian-shu Li, University of Maryland & Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Daqian Li, Fudan University
Fanhua Lin, New York University
Tai-ping Liu, Stanford University
Mckenzie Wang, Mcmaster University
Yuan Wang, Institute of Mathematics, the Academy of Sciences of China
Stephen Yau, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jing Yu, Institute of Mathematics, Acad. Sinica, Taipei
Shing-Tung Yau(Chairman),Harvard University

Communications Committee
Huai-Dong Cao(Chairman),Texas A&M University
Gerard Chang, National Chiao Tung University
Qi Feng, Institute of Mathematics, The Academy of Sciences of China
Song-Ying Li, University of California, Irvine
Michael Ng, Hong Kong University

Sponsors and Donors
Morningside Foundation
(Major donor)
The Academy of Sciences of China
Army Research Office of the United States
Epson Foundation
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chinese University of Hongkong

Speakers of the Conference
Morningside Lectures
Problems in moonshine
Richard E. Borcherds
The mysteries of number theory (manuscript not submitted)
Arithmetic progessions: Past, present and future (manuscript not submitted)
The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process on a Riemannian manifold
Daniel W. Stroock

Plenary Addresses by Invitation of the Scientific Committee
Some aspects of the infinite dimensional dynamical systems (manuscript not submitted)
Spanning trees and heat kernels of graphs (manuscript not submitted)
Stochastic PDES in turbulence theory (manuscript not presented at conference)
Weinan E
Recent development of realization of the surfaces in R3
Hong Jiaxing
Numerical study of interfacial problems with small surface tension
Thomas Y. Hou (Conjoint with Hector D. Ceniceros)
Selected topics in moduli spaces
Jun Li
The structure of harmonic maps (manuscript not submitted)
A tour of mirror symmetry
Bong H.Lian (Conjoint with Shing-Tung Yau)
The scalar curvature equation on sn
Chang-shou Lin
Symplectic isotopy in four dimension
Gang Tian
Stability in Hamiltonian dynamical systems
Zhihong Xia
On the behavior of solutions to the compressible Navier-Stoker equations
Zhouping XIN
Scaling limit of particle systems,incompressible Navier-Stoker equation andn Boltzmann equation
Horng-Tzer Yau
Geometry of algebraic points
Shouwu Zhang

Addresses in sections by invitation of the scientific committee
The sections
01 Algebra and representation theory
On simple exceptional lie superalebras of vector fields (manuscript not submitted)
S.J. cheng
Jodan structures in Banach manifolds
Cho-Ho Chu
The rationality problem of finite group actions
Ming-chang kang
Hecke algebras and representation ring of Hopf algebras
Yongchang zhu

02Algebraic Geometry
On the Euler numbers of threefolds
Mei-Chu Chang
Vector Bundles, theS-duality conjecture of Vafa and Witter, and vertex algebras
Zhengbo Qin (cojoint? with wei-ping li)
Cayler-Bacharach Property and K-very Ampleness
Sheng-Li Tan
Sharp polynomial upper estimate of number of positive integral points in tetrahedron and coordinate free characterization of homogeneous polynomials
Stephen S.-t Yau (cojoint with Ke-Pao Lin)

03 Number theory and automorphic forms
Geometry of Shirnura varieties in positive characteristics (manuscript not submitted)
G-L Chai
A tale of two groups: an application of graph to number theory (manuscript not submitted)
Keqin Feng
Spectral theory and geometry of locally symmetric spaces
Lizhen Ji
On the first eigenvalue of Laplacian for locally symmetric spaces
Jia-shu Li
The arithmetic of automorphic forms (manuscript not submitted)
W.C. Li
On transcendence theory of nonzero characteristic (manuscript not submitted)

04 Riemannian geometry and Geometric Analysis
DGBV Algebras and mirror symmetry
Huai-Dong Cao and Jian Zhou
Some higher order elliptic equation and application to problems in conformal geometry (manuscript not submitted)
S.Y. Chang
Harmonic maps on noncompact manifolds
Luen-Fai Tam
Curvature,bounded cohomology and path integrals
Jyh-Yang Wu

05 Mathematical Physics
Vanishing theorems for loop spaces
Kefeng Liu
Symplectic forms,2+1 soliton equation, and supersymmetric Gauge theories
Quotients,invariant version of Cartans lemma, and the minimum principle
Xiang-Yu Zhou

06 Topology
An elementary expose on equisingularities
Tzee-Char Kuo and Laurentiu Paunescu
A proof of the strong Kervaire invariant in dimension 62
Wen-hsiung Lin
Melvin-Morton conjecture: A survey
Xiao-Song Lin
The Seibeig-Witter equations and the Milnor torsion

07 Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry
The Bergman Kernel function of some Reinhardt domains
Sheng Gong (cojoint with xuean zheng)
On some problems in several complex variables and CR geometry
Xiaojun Huang
Ageometry theory of Fano manifolds (manuscript not submitted)

08 Dynamical System and Control Theory
A KAM theory for resonant tori and a generalization of Poincare-Birkhoff fixed point theorem
Chong-Qing Cheng
Nonlinear stochastic dynamic equations arising in adaptive control (manuscript not submitted)
Persistence of C normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds for infinite dimensional dynamical systems
Kening lu (cojiont with Peter.W. Bates and Chongchun Zeng)

09 Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
The Cauchy problem for parabolic equations resembling the mean curvature flows (manuscript not submitted)
Fine analysis of blow up and applications
YanYan Li
Varifold type theory for Soboley mapping
Fanghua Lin
Cellular Neural networks: Pattern and waves
Song-Sun Lin
Long time behavior of curves evolving by curvature
Xi-ping zhu

10 Hyperbolic Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Discontinuous solution to nonlinear evolutionary partial differential equations
Gui-qiang Chen
Construction of U(p,q) unitons via purely algebraic algorithm (manuscript not submitted)
Well-posedness theory for hyperbolic conservation laws
Tai-ping Liu
Well-posedness in Soboley spaces of the full water wave problem (manuscript not submitted)
Well-posedness theory for hyperbolic conservation laws (manuscript not submitted)
Two-dimensional Riemann problems for conservation laws in gas dynamics
Tong Zhang (cojoint with Jiequan Li)

11 Applied Analysis
Sums of squares everywhere (manuscript not submitted)
Practical ways for making mathematical waves (manuscript not submitted)
C.K. Chu
Iterated functions systems with overlaps (manuscript not submitted)
K.S. Lau
Boundedness of cascade algorithms in Besov spaces
S.L.Lee(cojoint withQiyu sun)
Orthogonal polynomials and their asymptotic behavior (manuscript not submitted)

12 Computational Mathematics
Nonliear PDE models in image processing (manuscript not submitted)
Circulant preconditioners for ill-conditioned Hermitian Toeplitz matrices
Raymond H.Ciian (cojiont with Ming-ham Yip, Chi-wah Leung, and Michael,
Searching for the most efficient computation methods for incompressible flow (manuscript not submitted)
What is Computational Geometry?
Ren-hong Wang
Some new multigrid methods for solving PDES (manuscript not submitted)
Nonliear optimization: trust region algorithms (manuscript not submitted)

13 Combinatorics
A survey on circular chromatic numbers of graphs
Gerard J. Chang
Approximations for color-covering problems
Ding-Zhu Du (cojoint with Lu Ruan,Xiaodong Hu,Xiaohua Jia, andDeying LI)
Permutation polytope (manuscript not submitted)




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